Useful Tips

Did you know?

tipsBelow you will find a list of useful websites and tips you can use to learn more about domestic safety and care, and the services available to you free of charge.

You can have your smoke alarms fitted for free.

The best way to save a life is to prevent a fire and homes across the county are benefiting from a Safer Home Visit carried out by the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service. Any resident within Suffolk can request one and they are completely free of charge. Click here to find out for more

You could be elegible to receive financial help towards the cost of your care.

This is the site to look at if you are paying full cost for your care. Suffolk County Council may be able to do an assessment to see if you are eligible to get financial help towards the cost of your care. You can also speak with them about mobility equipment and/or request an Ocupational Therapist. Want to know more? Click here

Learn more about the rules we need to follow.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have made some changes in the way they monitor and inspect the quality of care services in all care companies and all care companies will need to be compliant by 2015. This link will also help you understand why so much information is gathered on your initial assessment. Click here to learn more